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ReadyChek's vehicle inspection reporting app is a fast and easy way to help drivers record paperless pre and post trip daily inspections and hours of service with Ontario's MTO vehicle schedules and Canada's NSC Standard 13.  

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Drivers use the intuitive layout to fill in the results of their inspection using an Android phone/tablet or iPhone/iPad device.  

Drivers don't have to look up or guess about the whether a certain defect puts their vehicle out of service, since the schedule parts and defect descriptions are provided with appropriate major and minor designations.

The results are saved to the device and also sent to the cloud for immediate viewing by the operator/safety manager in the ReadyChek web portal.  A PDF can also be sent to a customized list of email recipients based on the results of the inspection.

Hours of Service

For this module, we are helping those operators that stay within the 160km radius.  Even though there is an exemption from having ELDs, the operator is still required to maintain hours of service records for drivers in the case of a facility audit.  Ontario is more strict than most provinces, but all must have documentation on the duty status hours and cycle.  

For Ontario, see HTA Regulation 255/06 Section 23, subsection 3 that outlines what information operators must maintain for drivers.

ReadyChek provides a simple to use tool for drivers to record their start/end locations, duty status changes and daily totals, so their operators can refer to this information during a facility audit.


Keeping drivers and other road users safe is our primary goal at ReadyChek, Inc. As a leading-edge provider of mobile technology aimed at short haul commercial motor vehicle drivers, we improve safety checks by increasing their accuracy for commercial vehicles and help companies meet compliance regulations with an easy-to-use mobile app and admin web portal.

Our founders had a shared vision to help drivers and their operators spend more time taking care of business in the field and office, and less time completing and filing paperwork. With over 30 years in the design and development of reliable, user-friendly software solutions, ReadyChek strives to make recording inspections a simple and pain-free experience.  

Contact us today to learn more about the ReadyChek story, and join our growing list of satisfied customers.


ReadyChek has partnered with

Tri-Shield Consulting

Retired Police Commercial Vehicle Inspectors

  • CVSA Associated Membership

  • 94 years of Front Line Patrol and Traffic and Marine Services

  • 33 years of Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement and CVSA Inspections

Pre-trip/Roadside Inspection training courses available 



ReadyChek is a revolution in vehicle inspection reporting, with an easy to use layout that will have you on the road quickly and not sitting in the yard filling out paperwork. Let ReadyChek manage all of your vehicle inspection records for every vehicle in your fleet. No more filing cabinets or boxes full of vehicle inspection reports, and no more lost papers or inspection books. This will save your organization time, office/storage space and money.

As a Canadian company, based in Waterloo, Ontario, we adhere to the federal regulations regarding data privacy as described in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  All customer data is kept in Toronto, Canada. 

ReadyChek is MTO compliant with the Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, Regulation 199/07 and is compliant nationally with National Safety Code Standard 13.  

ReadyChek currently supports Schedules 1, 2 and 5 for trucks, buses and school buses, but expects to add additional schedules based on customer demand. 

Why Use ReadyChek?
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Billed Monthly Based on Usage


New Inspection registrations will have a time-limited trial with multiple users/vehicles/trailers before having to commit to any payments


New Hours of Service registrations will have a time-limited trial with multiple users before having to commit to any payments


Unlimited Vehicle Inspection Reports

Unlimited Users/Duty Status reports

No Ads

Phone/Email Support

Free ReadyChek App downloads

Minimum 30 day trial with no limits

on vehicles, trailers, users, inspections or duty status records


Inspection Module

Maint fee + Usage Costs per month

$1/(Vehicle/Trailer) + $0.50/Inspection report

Unlimited Vehicles/Trailers/Users


Hours of Service Module

$0.35/Daily Duty status record 

when "On Duty" status is recorded

No Charge for "Off Duty" days

(if not bundled with Inspections, cost is .50/On Duty day)

Unlimited Users


No Ads

Phone/Email Support

Free ReadyChek App downloads

Contact Us for Details!


In the last week of July, we had our annual inspection by the MTO.

I would like to report that the officer was quite happy with the performance of the ReadyChek app.  The officer reported that everything needed for a pre-trip was covered in the app and that the app was in full compliance."

- Lawrence Lambkin, Kiwanis Transit

ReadyChek has simplified the daily inspection routine and removed the possibility of errors in the paperwork.  The app is well thought out and easy to navigate. Click on the picture of the unit being inspected and the information is populated in the report.  No chance for errors.  In the case of roadside inspection or audit, the report is easy to produce.   

- Shadow Enterprises LTD

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