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As long as a defect for a commercial vehicle is minor, the vehicle can be driven.

FALSE - The minor defect is reported on the first day it is found and the vehicle may be driven for the rest of the shift.  However, after the first day, the same defect is considered an "Out of Service" defect and should be fixed (and ideally reported as fixed in the reporting inspection) before the next dispatch.


Go here for a collection of videos that demonstrate various options and workflows available in the app .  More videos will be added over time and as functionality changes.

App walkthrough

To see a sample inspection in pictures, see here.

To see a repair recorded for an inspection in pictures, see here.

To see a sample hours of service experience, see here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReadyChek?​

- ReadyChek is an app for mobile devices to help drivers record their daily vehicle inspections and hours of service, and a web portal to help operators track and organize the data.

What ReadyChek is not...

- ReadyChek is not a company that does inspections for vehicles.  We cannot safety a vehicle or perform any routine maintenance.

What Ontario Regulation 199/07 Schedules are currently supported by the ReadyChek app?

- Schedules 1 and 2

Will ReadyChek support additional Schedules in the future?

- Yes, ReadyChek has plans to support for more schedules in the future

- Customer demand and other implementation factors will guide prioritization


Will an MTO/Compliance officer accept a report on my phone as a driver?

- Yes, see Ontario Regulation 199/07 section 18

What are my options for showing an MTO/compliance offer the electronic report?

- Handing phone outside of truck

- Emailing officer/MTO a copy of report

*** The compliance officer has discretion for which option they would prefer

What do I do if I have a lost/broken device?

This situation is no different than if the book is lost/ruined/etc.

A new inspection should be completed on paper immediately to have on hand until the phone is replaced

ReadyChek will provide pdf inspection report files to the operator that can be printed for trucks to have on hand for such emergencies

○ The reports previously done via phone and saved will exist in the system and will include timestamps showing when the inspection occurred

■ This can be used, if needed, to establish that an inspection took place before driving the vehicle

Does ReadyChek plan to provide support to drivers in other provinces?

- Yes.  Right now, we can support Canadian companies (currently English only) outside Ontario that use NSC Standard 13, Schedules 1 and 2.  As we receive additional requests for regulation support, we will evaluate the effort to add the new regulations and will prioritize those requests based on demand and overall effort to implement

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